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Konnect Parks is very proud to introduce a new concept in rail riding for wakeboarding, wakeskating, snowboarding and kiteboarding. After many years of research and testing, Konnect has brought to the market the very first portable, modular and adjustable rails.

There are three key factors that make this product so unique and exciting: Portability - Modularity - Adjustability


Constructed entirely of aluminum (with exception to the low friction HDPE top sheet) each system is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant for salt-water use. The legs are designed to detach effortlessly from the top rail, stack seamlessly and lay flat in the back of any standard size pick-up or SUV. An entire 16ft Konnect Parks Section can be assembled in less than 2 minutes and can easily fit on top of any 4-door vehicle. Whether on a lake, ocean, bay, river, winch pond, mountain or any snow-covered ground, Konnect Rails can tag along for your jibbing pleasure.

All 16ft Konnect Parks Sections are designed to be seamlessly “Konnected” to one another. If you have one section and your buddy on the other side of the lake has one section, the two of you now have the opportunity to hit a 32 foot-long rail. Not enough? Have a land gap to cover? Need something special for a photo shoot? A Konnect Set (3 sections) is almost 50 foot of rail! And yes, it fits on your vehicle!

This just might be the best part! The Konnect Sections easily adjust in height and angle. With one section, you have the ability to change from flat-bar to incline within seconds. With two sections, you have a 32-foot flat bar, incline, decline, A-frame, gap, incline-to-flat, flat-to-incline, flat-to-decline. Imagine the possibilities with a full Konnect Set. Wakeboarding in a tidal bay? First rail? Pro? Adjust the height of your Konnect Section from 1 ft to 5 ft high in seconds. Ever get bored of hitting one rail all day? Not with Konnect. The possibilities are endless, and so shall be the stoke!